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Join Our Team!

Bates Project Management Inc. is always seeking qualified talent to join our network of independent consultants. Currently, our network is comprised of Associates across Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, South America and India. 

We seek professionals with different levels of experience in project management, management consulting and knowledge transfer services in addition to their professional / technical fields.

Project management services assists our clients 
by enhancing their program management processes, designing and installing the necessary project performance management infrastructure/capabilities/systems and participating directly as a team member with our clients in their operational project management execution activities.

Management consulting services integrate, at the strategic level, market and product directions, technology, resources, supporting business processes and infrastructure thereby creating a project and results oriented culture for our clients in their organization.

Methodology services help prepare our clients to embrace a project culture and manage change by augmenting their project management capability through the implementation of off-the-shelf or customized methodologies, and the conduct of project management skills training.

Bates goes to special lengths to ensure that our associates become: 

  1. part of the company team; and,
  2. are highly knowledgeable of the methodologies and practices used by the company in client service delivery.

Multi-disciplinary teams comprised of experienced practitioners with both business and professional backgrounds deliver all client services. Because our teams are comprised of a combination of senior management staff, project support staff and contracted associates, Bates supports you throughout the contract.

Additionally, we invite you to participate in our Associate Networking Events that are held periodically in our different regions. This is an opportunity for you to learn what is new at Bates, as well as meet your fellow Associates and Bates employees. Bates also holds weekend Associate Conferences at regular intervals.

About Bates is our quarterly newsletter that is distributed to all Associates to keep you informed on various happenings at Bates.

As an Associate, you are required to take our Bates training courses, which will educate you on the Bates Project Management Methodology and other key project management fundamentals that are at the core of the way we deliver projects.

Interested individuals should download our information documents which explain our Associate approach. These documents are:

Bates Associate Profile
This profile indicates the typical background of individuals we are seeking.

Bates Associate Network Concept
This document outlines the benefits to you and levels of Associates.

Note: The above documents are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed. Once the Acrobat Reader is installed, you will be able view, navigate, and print PDF files across all major platforms. Download the latest version to view PDFs. 

Associate Application

If you would like to discuss possible association with Bates, complete the New Associate Information Form and submit it to us.

If there is a potential fit, Cassandra Gibson, Director, Corporate Services, will contact you and request your resume. Once your resume is received, it will be further qualified against our Associate Profile as well as any current opportunities.

If your experience and qualifications are a fit with Bates against our Associate Profile and/or current opportunities, you will be contacted and an interview will be set up. Pending the results of the initial interview, references will be conducted and a second interview will be held with senior management. The decision to proceed with the Associate relationship will be made after this.