Project Environment Profiler (PEP)™

Many organizations today are seeking to incorporate a "Management by Project" approach to doing business. Numerous studies have proven that one of the principal critical success factors in keeping a competitive edge is through adopting a management by project business approach. How do you know where your organization sits on the capability scale? Whether you are just beginning in design and set-up mode, or already up and running, a « dipstick » needs to be taken of the current situation in order to measure what needs to be done. The Bates PEP enables organizations to define and prioritize the necessary actions to define and strengthen their project management capabilities across the organization, by evaluating the "as-is" as well as the "to be" status.

The PEP is unique in the field, as it uses a five level maturity model which examines 10 fields of project management expertise, including the nine areas of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

The maturity model is compliant with SEI's CMM and PM3 models. Each field of expertise was defined based on best practices identified through benchmarking in top organizations. For each field of expertise, we have created a maturity table with specific activities and indicators that will help managers in making decisions concerning the level of development needed for each field.


The Project Resource Profiler™

Management of projects is critical in many organizations as projects can have such a significant impact on the success of an organization as a whole. The failure of a project can be a traumatic situation for any organization, and projects often do fail or result in less than satisfactory outcomes. One of the common reasons for the failure of a project relates to the skills, or competencies, of the project resources. The competency level of project team members in areas such as communication and human resource management will often determine project success.

The Project Resource Profiler (PRP) is a web-based tool designed to offer senior management something beyond the standardly used interview approach to identify the right resource for the right assignment or to select the right training for individuals working in project environments. The assessment is delivered through the completion of an in-basket exercise that simulates the role of a project manager.

It provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual's strengths and weaknesses. Based on the results, a development plan tailored to the individual may be designed. To assist in the development plan, the report provides general recommended assignments and training. It can be integrated with other competency development tools to ensure a holistic approach to the analysis and development of competencies.

The competencies tested are based on the general management competencies from the PM Core Competencies document issued by the Canadian Treasury Board Secretariat, and are compliant with the PMI competencies & processes expressed in the PMBOK. These are:

  • Judgment, integrity, self-confidence
  • Initiative
  • Leadership
  • Thinking skills
  • Organization Astuteness
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Action Management
  • Communication (written and verbal)

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