What Is Project Management In Action?

Project Management in Action is a simulation learning application that puts the user in charge of a simulated large-scale complex project. The user hires staff, plans the project, solves problems, and most importantly experiences the effects of their decisions. Project Management is Action requires the user to demonstrate their project management skills, they must manage the inevitable trade-offs between time, cost and quality, manage their resources, identify problems and solve them, based around a sophisticated project management simulation.

Project Management Institute(R)Project Management in Action offers world-class experimental learning and will also enhance any theoretical course in project management skills.

Enhance your project management skills today in a simulated project environment AND earn 5 PDU's at the same time!

Click here to see demonstration slides of the simulation!!!

How To

  • Define the scope of your project
  • Plan and schedule the project using Gantt and Pert charts
  • Put together a successful project team
  • Balance time, cost, and quality
  • Identify and manage risk

Seminar Take-aways

  • Continuous Performance feedback
  • Principles and practices of Project Management
  • Clear learning objectives for each scenario experienced
  • Expert advice and guidance from your personal mentor
  • Comprehensive tracking system, including a self-test feature that can be saved and printed
  • Sophisticated simulation program ensures new challenges and learning experiences with each new 'game'
  • Realistic problems and scenarios based on actual case studies

Managing a project in a simulated environment means the user can gain experience, learn from their mistakes, and witness the complexities of project management first-hand, without risking your company's money and reputation. The simulation enables the user to experiment with different techniques to improve their decision-making skills.

System Requirements

To get the best performance from Project Management in Action,
we recommend the following minimum configurations:

  • 486 DX2-66 or higher
  • 16MB or more RAM (32MB recommended)
  • 15MB free hard disk space
  • Windows 95/98 or NT4.0
  • 640 x 480 @ 256 colour

Ordering Information

Program PDU's Price
Project Management In Action 5 $209/$179
    Applicable taxes and Shipping Costs not included

For Volume Pricing, Please Contact Us At products@bates.ca