Management Consulting Services

Sharing our project knowlege with you

Bates offers a range of project-focused management consulting services designed to help your organization achieve its business plan objectives.

Our services are designed to be flexible in order to support an organization at any level of maturity. We believe in hands-on participation, commitment, involvement and results.


Organizations today are seeking to discover where they are from a project management maturity perspective – and where they need to be. Each industry, and indeed each individual organization, has different maturity goals. Using benchmarks established through our own extensive experience, as well as industry standards and our own Project Environment Profiler™ tool, we can help you pinpoint where the gaps in your current project environment are and what you need to do to get to the place that you want to be.

We also offer the Project Resource Profiler™, a unique tool designed to determine the current project management skill set of your project staff. It enables an organization to select the right person for the right job, as well as providing a clear picture of what skill sets each team member needs to improve in order to move along their own project management career path.

Enterprise Project Management Services

  • Project Planning and Implementation 
  • Project Management Office Planning and Implementation 
  • Project/Portfolio Management Governance

Project Management Technology

  • Project Management Software Assessment and Selection 
  • Virtual Project Office Selection and Implementation

Coaching and Mentoring

Independent Project Audit and Evaluations